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Hogenakkal (Tamil Nadu)

5 Shimmering Waterfalls in India Not Yet Visited Extensively

It is indeed a spectacular sight to watch waterfalls from a stupendous height. The gushing forth of the water down the verdant valley slopes accounts for some of the magnificent sights in the world. Here goes a list of five lesser known shimmering waterfalls in India that are the most breathtaking scenes of Nature. Enjoy!

1. Khandadhar Waterfalls (Orrisa)

Khandadhar Waterfalls (Orrisa)

Photo by Nirakarkhuntia, CC BY-SA 4.0

The waterfall is at a distance of sixty kilometers from Keonjhar, in Orissa. The height of the grand cataract is 500 meters. Against a backdrop of the dense green forest, the water jumping to the ground is a wondrous feast for the eyes. The water is said to jump in the shape of a sword and thus earns its name ‘Khandadhar’. And of course, the rainbow that forms at the base due to the sunlight falling on the water is a unique view. It is the 12th largest fall in India. It is a perennial waterfall so that tourists can visit throughout the year. However, the tourism potential here is quite untapped. The Khandadhar forest in enriched in flora and fauna but due to lesser privileges of infrastructure and dearth of good roads, the visitors are less.

2. Dhuandhar Waterfalls (Madhya Pradesh)

Dhuandhar Waterfalls (Madhya Pradesh)

Photo by Abhishek Jain, CC BY-SA 3.0

The waterfall with the water gushing forth in great velocity will mesmerize tourists. It is comparable to the great Niagra Falls in its charm and splendor. The fall is located 30 kilometers from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. It is the fall of River Narmada from a great height. The river is also considered to be very sacred to the Hindus and a dip is considered to be holy for the pilgrims. There is the thunderous roar of the falling water as we approach the place. The beauty is stupefying and on falling, the droplets of water create smoke like illusion, thus earning the fall its name ‘Dhuandhar’. There is a ropeway for adventurous people that takes them over the waterfall and gets them a clearer view atop. The experience brings a total rejuvenation of spirits.

3. Kune Falls (Pune)

Kune Falls is a visual delight while it falls from a height of around 650 feet. Nestled amidst the hills Khandala and Lonavala the cataract offers a rich scenic view for the tourists. The greenery around is lush and rampant and the rapids are awe inspiring as well as intriguing. This is a fall that is lesser known. There is a route that leads to the falls through the Rajmachi trek. The path is scary and risky but the views steal your hearts. At the Kune waterfall you have a water body all to yourselves. It is a great place to while away your time, sit on the rocks around and enjoy a true retreat.

4. Vantawang Falls (Mizoram)

Vantawang Falls (Mizoram)

Photo by Lpachuau, CC BY 3.0

The Vantawang Khawhthla, as per the Mizo language is located in south Serchhip district in Mizoram in a place called Thenzawl. It is 136 kilometers from Aizawl, the capital. The Vantawang falls although less visited is the 13th largest cataract in India. The height of the waterfall is stupendous and the fall is two tiered. The fall is on the Vanva river. It is surrounded by the bamboo groves and the tropical forests. Thenzawl, an idyllic town noted for its handloom is a major attraction of the place driving tourists. Thus, a tour to the Vantawang Khawhthla would also get you near the Mizo tradition and culture of handloom and art and craft of the place.

5. Hogenakkal (Tamil Nadu)

Hogenakkal (Tamil Nadu)

Photo by Ezhuttukari, CC BY-SA 3.0

The Hogenakkal waterfalls would let you realize how beautiful South India is. The course of the river Kaveri along with the fall creates a wonderland for all visitors there. There is also a coracle ride which is exciting as ever and that makes the whole trip a scintillating experience for a traveller. The falls are at a distance of 170 kilometers from Bangalore and quite near to the Tamil Nadu Karnataka border. Hogenakkal means ‘smoking rock’. When the water falls on the granite rocks below they appear like smoke and hence this name.

Thus, these spectacular less visited waterfall destinations present themselves in all natural beauty. The best time to visit the places is from June to October although some falls are perennial. The falls, along with the natural surroundings are a wonderful getaway from the hurry and worry of city life.